How To Find and Enter Your Honda Radio Code

Honda radio code reset

There are a lot of Hondas on the road across the country. The brand has a reputation for reliability and affordability, but that doesn’t mean you won’t run into a few questions here and there. A common problem for drivers to run into is the radio asking for a particular code, which can happen in various situations.

The main reason you will need your Honda radio code is if you have had your battery disconnected, replaced, or it has died. The Honda radio code error is a fairly easy thing to deal with, as long as you know where you can find it. If you find yourself with an error on your radio, you have some options to deal with it.

Why Are There Radio Codes?

You may be asking yourself why your radio is locked behind a code at times. This is essentially an anti-theft deterrent, as Honda car radios are still a big commodity on the black market. Any time the radio is disconnected from the power source it will require a unique code to be used again, thus making it useless to thieves.

Where to Find the Radio Code

If you see the error on your radio you have a number of different ways you can access the code to get it working again.

Check the Manual

The first place any Honda owner should check is in their owner’s manual. You may also need to look in the glovebox as well, it depends on where it was purchased. There will be a sticker in one of these places that will display the code you need.

Visit Your Dealer

If you, like many others, have misplaced the owner’s manual, or never had one, to begin with, your dealer can be of assistance. Just take your Honda to your local dealer’s service area and they will gladly be able to supply you with the code.

Look Online

These days you can buy OEM Honda parts online at Honda Parts Connection, and even get help with most of your automotive issues. If you have the Honda radio code error and want to fix it without visiting the dealer, you can go online to retrieve your code. Go to with your ZIP code, VIN, and radio serial number.

It is important to note that you are going to need all of those numbers before going online, so take note of them. Your Honda VIN can be found in a number of different areas, including the driver’s door, and the radio serial by pressing presets 1 and 6 at the same time.

What to Do Next?

The hardest part of this entire process is going to be finding the code. Once you have the Honda radio code it is very simple to enter it into your vehicle. Use the preset buttons on the radio to enter the correct numerical code and your radio should continue working as it always has. You must make sure that you copy this code down correctly, as any wrong number will nullify it. If you are sure that the code is correct and the radio still isn’t working, it is a good idea to talk to your service provider. Below is a helpful video tutorial on how to get your Honda radio serial number code and how to enter it.

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